Monday, January 4, 2010

Rome, Italy: Note 1

The hotel that we stayed in Rome was within a walking distance to Vatican city, the museum & the St. Peter's Square. The city is protected from outsiders by very tall, strong and solid walls which surely will impress you at first. I took photos of the walls almost every time we walked by, from different angle of views and perspectives, and yet not satisfied with what I got.

On the last afternoon of our stay in Rome, we went to St. Peter's Square and passed by the car with the wall reflected on its rear window. Kinda interesting, so I took one shot & moved on. It turns out that I like this photo of the wall most :)

The wall
(Canon 40D, Canon 85mm f1.8)

How long you should stay in Rome during your trip? I don't know - it depends on what you look for. For me, it can be just a good photograph :)

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