Monday, December 27, 2010

The last roll of film in 2010 or a look of Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400

Not much to say except showing some pics that I like from the roll. They are scanned directly from film, no further post-processing beside adding borders and signature.

This is the 1st shot in the roll. There was something poetic about the scene at that time that triggered me to find my camera and come back for this pic.


Taken when it was raining. Guess this is when the flower looks best.

After the rain

Like the composition, but maybe it is not enough. This test of dynamic range shows that film is still not as good as my eyes :P. I saw a blue sky with clouds behind :)


Little corner of Europe in Singapore :)


In public

A night scene - not bad for a hand-held shot, isn't it? Quite pleased with the tonality and color (balance).

Night Scene

Do you think they will turn off the surveillance camera after the last train? (taken in Pioneer MRT station)


Overall, I think the color of X-Tra 400 is not as deep (saturated) as that of Superia 200, but not too significant. Plus, more comfortable shooting at ISO400.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Project

Christmas Project

Today (which is not the day that this post is published) is a pretty good day to write a blog about Christmas. The weather is nice and cool. It feels a little bit more like Christmas and sets your mood right in.

About a month ago, we talked about what we wanted to do, photography wise, for Christmas because, you know, "It's the most wonderful time of the year", after all :). Last year, we did some creative bokeh stuff which was really cool (I must thank whoever invented that). This year, as we're trying to finish our Paris photo book before the year ends (wait for it ;), we thought we wouldn't have much time to do anything complicated. But we were wrong.

It started with a simple idea to take photos of Christmas trees in a few popular places in Singapore.
"Sounds good?"
"Yeah, but what's so special about it?"
"Hmm, you want something special? Ah, let's create them in HDR. It'll be perfect for
Christmas lights." (this is in case you don't know what HDR is)
"Maybe we should create some panorama or vertorama photos as well to capture the whole scene since our lenses aren't wide enough." (this is for panorama/vertorama )
So off we went. The HDR and panorama/vertorama turned out pretty exciting. We even stepped it up a notch to combine them in one single photo, a HDRama if you will :).

Enough said. Here are the photos from us. We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas Project
Marina Square, Singapore 2010

Christmas Tree

Christmas Project
ION Orchard, Singapore 2010

Christmas Project
Singapura Plaza, Singapore 2010

Christmas Project
Singapura Plaza, Singapore 2010

Christmas Project
Paragon, Singapore 2010

Christmas Project
Takashimaya - Ngee Ann City, Singapore, 2010

Christmas Project
Tang Plaza (Orchard), Singapore 2010

Christmas Project
VivoCity, Singapore 2010

Christmas Project
VivoCity, Singapore 2010

Christmas Project
Wheelock Place, Singapore 2010

Christmas Project - Save the best for last
Takashimaya - Ngee Ann City, Singapore 2010

Admiré & Analox

Monday, December 6, 2010


I thought I'm so into street photography but I'm rather confused by the term itself now. Should it be defined by the HOW - not "manufactured", "taken in the public place" (streets) or by the WHAT - be "a reflection of the photographer's mind" (snapshot, "indecisive/ decisive" moments)? Should it be more of aesthetic values or purely celebrate "the moment it clicks" (of course, it is best when you have both)? I don't really know the answer.

A good street photograph may be seen just as a normal snapshot in one eye .Who cares about the fleeing moment of the street scene if it does not matter as much as a picture of a familiar face. "What is your message in the photo?" - "I don't know. Sometimes it is just my emotion captured by the scene". "So what..."

A snapshot
Paris (2010)

Rome (2009)

I celebrate serendipity - "the lucky tendency to find interesting or valuable things by chance". One may frown upon the word "lucky" here, but it is about the outcome, not refers to your technicality or things like that. As I wander on the street (be it in a countryside or a city), things happen, and my mood, my reaction or curiosity triggers the camera. No pressure. You have a freedom of mind (and action). Sometimes interesting scene is captured and it becomes a snapshot of my own mind. It will recall the most of my experience when I look at it a week, a month or a year later.

The eyes
Paris (2010)

Search in progress...
Offenbach (2010)

I discover this website recently. They has a Flickr group here. You submit your photos. Then whether it is shown (accepted) depends on the admins. Admittedly, I don't understand many of the work approved (aka, "what is the message", "it doesn't look very nice to me"), but I enjoy trying to be in their shoes at the moment...

Many of my work are rejected. Some of them are actually my "all-time" favs. The photos shown in this post are some that got through. It is not about "being approved/ accepted", but it is good to hear your voice echoed. (haha, my writing sucks)

After the rain
Paris (2009)

Rainy evening @HCMC
Saigon (2010)

Singapore (2010)

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A walk around Orchard Road...

We had a walk around Orchard road last Saturday to see the decorations here this year.

Photos taken by my Canon Point-n-Shoot A710, in Black n White preset, ISO800, Shutter-priority mode. Simple and fast, just take pictures of what is interesting to me. Pretty much about curiosity and reaction, no message particularly, I guess.

This is about "Man and Women"...

Man and Women

A short summary about tourists in Singapore: shopping in Orchard road, hop-on bus, airlines, cable-cars in Sentosa, tradition costume, etc. Strangely, the bus is quite empty...

Tourists in Singapore - In Summary

Some abstract display in a shopping mall


Advertisement boards in Orchard...

Advertisement Board

Advertisement Board

I know Christmas's decoration is around every corners. More to come with work in color by Admiré in the next post...



Christmas Tree