Sunday, November 21, 2010



One of the reasons I go back to film photography is to make BnW pictures on film, for real :)

I'm much inspired by those black and white (BnW) pictures from the past. There are some "mysterious" qualities in the photos: the tonality, the dynamic range and the film grain that are so pleasing to see. Reproducing such quality in digital photos has been a quest that I'm trying and has not yet "felt" it...

My first roll of BnW film, a Kodak T-Max 400, was mainly dedicated for some portraits of Phuong (Admiré). We spent one hour in the "studio" in our house, with a window light and one reflector. After sending the film to Fotohub lab for developing, I was really nervous about the outcome. Her birthday is coming and I don't want to disappoint her with all bad pictures... So when the lab called and told me that the photos were ready, my heart went fast and I ran immediately there.

Here are the results.



Somehow this one in the roll becomes one of my favorites, together with the first photo. Taken on a night we were going out. Not technically good at all, but...


Ps: I think T-Max 400 is quite contrasty. Noted.

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