Thursday, February 11, 2010

In a darkened room

(Olympus E520, Zuiko 12-60mm. Self-timer)

The lighting is quite obvious: one FL50R on 60x60 (cm) softbox on cam-left, 1/16 power @ 12mm zoom. FL36R on cam-lelf, below, 1/32 power @ 42mm. Only directions of light matter here, to control the position of the shadow & the gradient in the background. Took me less than one hour of shooting.

The blue is created by setting the camera's color balance to 2300K. Quick post-processing since the RAW is pretty much what I want. By the way, this looks much better in AdobeRGB on my monitor. First time I see the colors change drastically when converting from AdobeRGB to sRGB profile for Web publishing. But no choice :(

Forgot to say, please take your time to view this photo in large (1600x600). Recommended :)!




  1. Good try :) Since there's no other model, you look much sexier than the previous shot ;) :P (should flag the post as 'mature content')

  2. OMG... "sexier" for me - I'm speechless, haha :| :))

  3. @Gấu ngố: thanks em :D. Quan sat tinh te qua...