Sunday, August 5, 2012

40th anniversary of OM system: Offenbach, Germany

Our next stop: Offenbach, Germany. Not a recommended place for tourist but it is the place in Germany that I'm most familiar with.

The Marktplatz

Street in Offenbach
Street in Offenbach
Blue sky
Saturday Market

On a foggy morning, here is the bus stop at Offenbach Ost station

Foggy morning Offenbach
Foggy day

Old street in autumn


Scene by the Main river

Playground by the river

Rolling sunset

Rolling Sunset

A bit of modern scene

Lastly, sunny afternoon when I came back to the apartment from work. It was not a sunny blue sky though :)

Sunny afternoon

2011 was a last time I visited Offenbach. A simple city but an important part of my memory...

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