Monday, April 5, 2010


It was fun to be able to see and compose a photo in square ratio (6x6 film) directly in the "viewfinder". Things appear in different orders, in some ways, more... geometrical to my eyes. Yes, you can crop anything (2:3 or 3:4) to square ratio later in post-process, but it would be different, trust me!

When the OM 50mm f1.8 arrived, since the lens is so compact, I decided to try a small "project": I brought the lens on E620 with me everyday to shoot in 6x6 ratio. Only the "square" composition is shown in my E620's LCD screen (LiveView mode). Rotate the ring to focus. Recompose. And shoot.

The photos here are not so fantastic. The lens is not as sharp as my digital ZD lens. But I hope they reflect my experience of manual focusing & shooting 6x6 to you :)

Equipments: E620 + OM 50mm f1.8

The construction site on my way back home

Near by my block

Level 4, Blk 9xx...

Another day when I went back from work

(Photo taken using Olympus E620, OM 50mm f1.8)

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