Sunday, April 4, 2010

Macro photography: my first attempt


- Olympus E620
- Olympus OM 50mm f1.8 + OM to 43 adaptor + extension tube
- FL36R


Stuff I knew BEFORE the session
- Use small aperture, like f8, for sufficient depth of field
- Because of f8, flash is necessary to light up the scene
- Manual focus in this setup, meaning focusing by moving myself. Focusing ring doesn't help!


Stuff I realized AFTER the session
- DoF is so shallow, even at f8, due to a small distance to subject. So, it's very easy to get the focus wrong.
- At f8, the viewfinder is pretty dark. Harder to know when it is in focus. Guess experience and practise are definitely useful here...
- Working space is so limited. Strobist info is simply on-cam flash so far. Have no chance to try any off-cam flash.
- Need to "zoom in" a lot to find an interesting subject. And I truly mean that... And same as other type of photography, you need to know your subject to get a good picture too! (thanks Hoa` for your help!)
- Last but not least, shorts and slippers are wrong choice. Bugs and itchy!




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